Campaign Rules

1. General Provisions

1.1      Only members of clans participating in the event are allowed into the competition.

1.2      By joining the event at the website, clan accepts the terms of these Regulations.

1.3      All controversial issues and administration`s decisions related to the Global Map are discussed exclusively in the Discord channel. If a clan representative makes a discussion about the administration’s decision outside the Discord channel, the clan gets a ban to participate in all subsequent Global Map campaigns.

1.4      The administration reserves the right to block (close) objects on the map without prior notification of teams (if the tactical situation on the map requires it)

1.5      Tournament administration:

●    head of the event—coordinates activities of all members of the tournament administration (Wizard)

●    judges (Global map coordinator)—make decisions on matters of dispute that arise between participants of the event and determine disciplinary actions to be applied to teams and clans that violated these Regulations.

●    Helpers (Global map volunteers)—provide information support for the event, perform operational functions

1.6      Coordination of players and communication with judges is arranged via a Discord channel.

1.7      The unit of currency of the event is 1 Gallon.

2. Registration Procedure

2.1      To participate in the event, commander of the clan click the JOIN button at the website of the event.

3. Admission of Participants to the Main Stage of the Event

3.1      It is prohibited to change the clan more often than once in 7 days during the Global Map. The roster of each clan will be fixed and published in the Discord channel. If it will be noticed that the user changed the clan and took part in the battle as the member of another clan, the clan will receive a technical defeat in the battle.

The clan commander is obliged to notify of any changes in the roster of his clan in discord-channel (except for players leaving) - the acceptance of a new player (even if he was previously without a clan) and the change of nickname of any player from the clan.

Important! Claims related to this violation will be considered according to clause 14.1.

4. Schedule of Event Stages

4.1      Clans can join and participate in the event throughout its full duration.

4.2      The main stage of the Clan Wars event lasts from 01.11.2021 till 12.12.2021 20:59 (UTC).

5. Prize Pool and Gold Withdrawal Procedure

5.1      Prize pool of the event is 3,000,000 gold.

5.2      Gallons are converted into in-game gold by filing an application in the Account Management section of the clan commander.

5.3      Once an application to convert Gallons to gold has been sent, the gold is credited to clan members within the subsequent in-game week.

5.4      Exchange rate of Gallon to gold is set as 1 in-game gold per 2 Gallon. The event administration reserves the right to adjust the exchange rate, either increasing the amount of in-game gold granted per 2 Gallon or setting it back to the initial rate. Any changes of the exchange rate will be announced in the Discord channel.

6. General Description of the Game Mechanics

6.1      Each Campaign consists of individual turns. During one week, a total of three turns are made. Each turn comprises tactical and combat phases. Each of the phases takes one day.

6.2      Tactical phases occur on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays; combat phases occur on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

IMPORTANT! For participants living in the Western Hemisphere, the tactical phases start on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday, and the combat phases start on Monday, Wednesday and Friday!

IMPORTANT! Battles in the EU time zone for residents of Western Europe and the USA take place on Monday, Wednesday and Friday!

6.3      Within the Campaign, once a week, a Battle for Capital occurs (see section 13).

7. Description of Map Elements

7.1      Tactical Map—image of the territory with a grid mesh and markings of objects described below.

7.2      Scale - the button indicated on the tactical map by the icon:


With this button you can adjust the number of objects displayed on the map. The smaller the scale, the more objects are visible on the map. The larger the scale, the more information about objects can be seen on the map. Information about the movement of the token is available only on a large map scale!

7.3      Base—object marked on the tactical map:

The square does not bring income and only serves to set the position of moved tokens on the map as a result of the tactical phase.

7.4      Token—element with the clan logo and clan tag of the main clan. Indicates the number of teams in the square.

Token movements are made by clan commander or deputy commander of the clan from their Account Management section. For example, if a Town or Base has three clan teams simultaneously, the token is displayed with the number 3 after the clan tag and is called stacked.

7.5      Entry Point—square marked on the tactical map.


Map squares with this mark are a starting point for token movement on the map. The token cannot move onto this square.

7.6      Town—object marked on the tactical map:

7.7      Anti-Tank Gun (ATG)—object marked on the tactical map:

ATG serves to increase defense level of the Town, for which it was purchased. A Town can have up to three ATGs. ATG is active for one turn (tactical and combat phases). ATG are valid only during Attack-Defense Battle. Deployed ATGs grant the following effects in a battle for Town defense:

  • Setting of 1 (first) ATG – 10 minutes of battle;
  • Setting of 2 (second) ATG – attakers first chooses the list of tanks for battle and can not change its composition at the same time, the attacking clan has 3 minutes to choose all the tanks. If the attacking clan does not have time to select all the tanks in 3 minutes, then it receives technical defeat ;
  • Setting of 3 (third) ATG – 7 minutes of battle

Effects of deployed ATGs are cumulative.

7.8      Supplies:

The Supplies appears on the random bases on Tactical days and in case of capturing this base by the clan will brings one-time earnings of 1000 to 3000 "Gallons""

7.9      Region—three Towns captures by the same clan on the map. Indicated with lines between the towns and earns increased Gallon income (see item 12.2 of these Regulations for details).


8. Description of the Tactical Phase


8.1      At the start of the game, each clan is granted a single token. Token movement starts from an Entry Point. A token can be moved across map squares only vertically and/or horizontal. Per one turn, a token can be moved up to four squares max (the starting object does not count towards this number) and must end the turn only on Base or Town type squares. Diagonal movement is not allowed.

Example: From Entry Point "J' you can move token to the Ghost Town or Prokhorovka (4 cell to the goal), but you can't move it to the Paris (6 cells)

8.2      To determine the objects, onto which tokens can be placed on the map, Entry Point squares are used. Token movement from Entry Points follows the general rules, i.e. target objects cannot be further than four squares from an Entry Point.

8.3      Commander can move tokens available to them across the map either separately or by combining several tokens into one, defining its par value. Tokens are stacked when moved to the same object on the map.

For example, 1 token is displayed like this:  and 2 tokens is displayed like this:

8.4      If a team loses a battle during the combat phase, the token is removed from the map or its par value is decreased by the number of lost battles.

8.5      Tokens of clans who attack an object on the map are placed near that object. As the battles progress, tokens of the clans that lost are removed from the map. The token of the clan who emerged victorious out of the battles is moved onto the target object.

8.6      If a clan lost all of its tokens on the map, it is granted one free token again. Subsequent actions are repeated according to item 8.1.

8.7      Coordinates of token movements are accepted during the tactical phase.

8.8      Movements are accepted from 0:01 till 23:55 (MSK) on tactical days.

8.9      To add an additional token onto the map, a clan should have enough Gallons. A single new token costs 500 Gallons.

8.10    The maximum number of token from 1 clan is not more than 10.

8.11    To move a token from one object to another, you need to select the clan token, which looks like this:   and then select the object to which the token will be moved

9. Description of the Combat Phase

9.1  The combat phases take place following the tactical phases.  The battle start time is indicated in the object parameters.

For example  the start time of the battle for the city is 21:30 (local time, which is formed for the user according to his time zone)

Battle brackets are formed based on moves made by clan commanders and token placements on the map.  The time between battles is 35 minutes.  For example, if the battle start time is 21:30, then the second battle (if needed) should begin at 22:05, the third battle at 22:40, etc. The clan takes 5 minutes to create a room. If the room is not created within 5 minutes, the clan that was supposed to create the room receives a technical defeat.   If the battle is not started within 10 minutes of the battle start time (for example, at 21:40 if the time the battle began 21:30) the team assigned to create the room receives a technical defeat.

Important! If a team receives a technical defeat (or does not have time to press the Victory button), then the team loses ALL the tokens on this object!

Important! This example is relevant for a situation where all clans have 1 token. If one of the clans has more than 1 token, then the actual time before the start of the battle should be viewed in the Daily report window

Server Selection

On the objects that are in the time zone EU and CIS - Europe, on the other objects in time zone America is North America. All objects display the user's local time!

9.2    Team Destruction (TD):

9.2.1 A Team Destruction takes place when several clans planned to move their tokens onto the same Base or Town. The attacking clans fight each other in the Team Destruction mode. The owner of the object does not take part in the clash.

9.2.2 If an object is simultaneously contested by several different clans, a tournament bracket is formed, the order of battles within which is determined based on the time when the contesting clans submitted their turns.

9.2.3 If an object is attacked by stacked tokens of several clans, the bracket is created according to the following rules:

  • Teams from the same clan do not fight each other.
  • In the first round, all clans that attack the object fight their battles at the same time. Pairs in the bracket are formed to engage maximum number of attacking tokens of different clans.
  • If a clan attacking the object has the highest number of tokens, battles for the objects are conducted in two rounds. Once the pairs for the first round have been formed, the remaining tokens that could not be distributed are transitioned to the second round. The bracket of the second round is formed from tokens of the winning teams and the tokens that remained undistributed during the first round.

9.2.4 The winning team (or winning teams from the same clan) automatically becomes the owner of the Town or Base or fights a battle against the clan that owns the object.

9.2.5 The team that completely eliminates the opposing team wins the Team Destruction; the victory can also be granted by the automatic system.

9.3    Attack-Defense Battle (ADB)

9.3.1 An Attack-Defense Battle is fought between a clan that attacks an object and the clan that owns the Town or Base. Such battles are conducted in the MBA-mode. In this case the clan that owns the city when creating a room must choose the side of Base Defense

9.3.2 If a single clan attacks an already owned Town or Base, only an MBA is fought for the object.

9.3.3 If a stacked token of the clan owning the Town is placed on the Town, the attacking clan must defeat all teams of that clan deployed in the contested Town. In this case, separate battles between each team of the attacking clan against each team of the defending clan are arranged.

For example, if clan A with its three teams emerges victorious from all the Team Destructiones for a Town, and three teams of clan B are deployed in the Town, the first round comprises battles between the three teams from each side. If the number of teams is not even, the battles are divided into two rounds. Teams that had no pair in the first round and the winners of the first round get into round two.

9.3.4 The attacking team will be deemed victorious if they destroy all vehicles of the opposing team or capture the base. The defending team will be deemed victorious if they destroy all vehicles of the opposing team or prevent the opponents from capturing the base until the battle time runs out.

9.4    The results of battles are recorded by clans in the admin panel. The winning clan must enter the battle result in the admin panel - button Victory . If one of the clans does not agree with the result of the battle, then he can stop the clock - button Protest (20 minutes are allowed for each battle, the clan can stop the clock only during this period of time!) And contact the coordinators in the discord channel. When contacting, you must specify the coordinates of the object (for example, Q6), the name of the clan, and clearly explain the essence of the claim

Important! The Victory button should only be pressed in the event of a completed match (as a result of which the battle took place and the website is used to award the victory). In all other cases, the Protest button should be pressed. If this clause is violated, the clan that pressed the Victory button instead of the Protest button loses all their tokens on the map!                                        

9.5    If for any reason a clan team cannot attend a battle in time, it suffers a technical defeat. The winning clan makes a screenshot proving that the opponent was not present in the training room. The winning clan also calls for a judge via Discord so that the latter could ascertain that the opposing team is not present in the training room or that no training room was created by the opponents to conduct the battle. The token of the defeated clan is removed from the tactical map.

10. Type, Tier, and Number of Vehicles on a Team

10.1    All battles are fought in vehicles of the tier that matches the Roman number indicated on the contested object. The number also shows the mandatory quantity of vehicles of a team.

Vehicle types within a team: no more than 3 identical tanks. For example, 4 T29 are the same tanks, but 3 T29 and 1 T29 Minuteman tanks are different tanks

10.2    Selection and Announcement of Vehicle Setup of a Team:

The team on the left slot of the bracket chooses the first tank, followed by the team on the right slot of the bracket choosing one tank.  This is repeated until the correct number of tanks have been selected for the given battle.  Tanks may not be changed once selected.  Changing selected tanks results in a technical defeat for that team.

 IMPORTANT!  If the team chooses a vehicle and then deselects it is not a violation if they reselect the same tank.

 IMPORTANT!  A team may select additional tanks early without penalty.

10.3    Team commanders must make screenshots of their final team compositions. All disputes regarding team compositions are investigated by a judge only if such screenshots are available. Once the team compositions have been revealed.

11. Creation of Rooms and Arrangement of Battles

11.1    The room for battles is created by the team in the left slot of the bracket. In case of an Attack-Defense Battle, the room is created by a team of the clan that owns the object. The room must be created within 5 minutes from the time specified in the description of the object.

11.2 The team that creates the room should be in the left part of the training room.

11.3    The map of the training room, vehicle tier, and number of vehicles on the teams should match the parameters indicated for the contested objects.

11.4    Example of a room name: CW Е5 STM vs ACES. (CW—Clan Wars, Е5—coordinates of the contested object, STM vs ACES—teams of the opposing clans).

11.5    Duration of a Team Destruction and a Battle for Capital is 10 minutes, duration of an Attack-Defense Battle is 15 minutes (if no ATGs are deployed).

11.6    For Team Destruction games one team must be Victorious, Tied games will result in a Technical Defeat to both teams

12. Income and Costs

12.1    Once a week, the clan can buy an additional token for silver. The cost of 1 token is 1 million silver. Silver will be removed from the user’s account, which will apply for the purchase of tokens in a special channel in Discord. After processing the application and debiting 1,000,000 silver, 500 gallons will be credited to the clan’s account. The clan can spend these gallons solely on the purchase of additional tokens. If the clan violates this condition, it will receive a fine of 5,000 gallons

12.2    At the end of each combat day (after the end of all battles), a clan that owns a Town object is granted Gallons based on the level of the object.

12.3    If a clan captures 3 cities within 9 cells of each other they will be merged into a Region.  Cities in a Region will earn 25% more Gallons per combat day.

12.4    Cost of an additional token is 500 Gallons. Each subsequent additional chip costs 250 Gallons more.

12.5    Cost of a single Anti-Tank Gun is 250 Gallons per one combat day. Deployment of ATGs must be confirmed on every tactical day because it has a price in Gallons. Otherwise, ATGs are removed from the map.

12.6    The cost of participating in a Battle for Capital—500 Gallons. Each clan can only be represented by a single team.

12.7    On tactical days, transition of Gallons between clans via the functionality in Account Management is allowed.

12.8    All earned Gallons remain on the clan’s balance even if all its tokens are removed from the map.

12.9    If a clan removes its token from a Town, they do not earn any income from that Town.

13. Battle for Capital

13.1    Battle for Capital is a 10x10 battle.

13.2    Battle for Capital is held every Sunday at 8:00 p.m MSK for CIS and EU as well as at 6:00 a.m MSK for America. The winner gets 2,500 Gallons at once and becomes the honorable owner of the Capital until the next Sunday . A flag with the logo of the winning clan is placed over the object and remains there until the next Battle for Capital.

In addition to 2,500 gallons, 10 players from the winning clan who participated in the combat battle will receive 1,000 game gold

13.3    Application:

To participate in a Battle for Capital, a clan should:

- have a balance of at least 500 Gallons;

- send an application form from the Account Management section of the clan.

An application for participation in a Battle for Capital is accepted during tactical phases—on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. A single application per week is enough for participation.

13.4    Once an application from a clan has been accepted, 500 Gallons will be deducted from the balance of that clan, a token of that clan will appear near the Capital on Friday after the time for turn submission ends.

13.5    Team composition in Battle for Capital:

- vehicle tier: X

- number of vehicles: 10

- vehicle types: no more than 3 same tanks.

13.6    Battles are fought in the “Multi-base Assault” mode till two victories with a change of side (Assault - Defense). If after 2 battles score is 1-1, then the third battle is held on the same map in the "Team Destruction" mod. A team that wins two engagements by either capturing the base or destroying the opposing team is deemed the winner. The token of the clan represented by such team is placed on the Capital. This token cannot be used for movements on the map.


13.7    Maps used to conduct battles for the Capital change each round according to the list below:

Round 1—Himmelsdorf;

Round 2—Prohorovka;

Round 3—Steppes

Round 4—Cliff;

Round 5—Mines.

13.8    If only a single clan sends an application to participate in a Battle for Capital, such clan becomes the winner of the Battle for Capital automatically. It earns 2,500 Gallons and occupies the Capital until the next Sunday.

14. Regulations for Cases of Technical Issues with the Game Client

14.1    Errors in training room settings.

All claims regarding the correctness of training room settings are accepted until the battle starts (or within 30 seconds of battle start if it was started without confirmation from the other team that they were ready for battle).  Absence of any such claim in channel on the WoT Console Discord server automatically means acceptance of the current battle settings.

If the team found that their opponents violated the rules (incorrect room setup, vehicle selection, etc.) at the beginning of the battle, their entire team must immediately withdraw from battle (return to garage).  If the team remains and fights the match then all claims are void.

If the opposing team has not created a training room within 5 minutes of the indicated time you must take a screenshot of the training room lists.  This will show the absence of a training room from your opponents.  No claim is accepted without a screenshot!

14.2    Lags, latency issues, other technical issues.

Any player claims related to game lag, high latency, and other technical issues are disregarded.

15. Battle Broadcasts

15.1    Clan Wars battles may be broadcast on the Internet. In this case, commanders of both teams will be notified in the Discord channel

15.2    Teams that participate in battles selected for broadcast cannot refuse to be featured in the broadcast. The teams must get to the training room on time and prepare for the battle in as short time as possible. Before starting the battle, the team captain who created the training room must ensure that the streamers are ready. The battle can only be started upon their approval.

15.3    A streamer who broadcasts a battle on the Internet must set a 5-minutes delay for the broadcast.

15.4    A streamer is not a judge and is not entitled to resolve any disputes.

16. Violations and Penalties

16.1    The following is strictly forbidden:

16.1.1 Any actions contradicting these Regulations and the Game Rules of World of Tanks: Modern Armor.

16.1.2 Insults and use of strong language.

16.1.3 Flood and repetitions of identical questions/messages in the Discord channel already answered by the administration.

16.1.4 Unsportsmanlike conduct (such as sabotage of matches).

16.1.5 Use of vehicles prohibited for the event.

16.1.6 Use of borrowed or special (press) accounts for battles.

16.1.7 Disrespectful behavior towards the administration and participants of the event.

16.1.8 Attempts to gain a technical victory by unsportsmanlike method

16.2    In case of a documented violation, a judge of the event is entitled to deliver a decision on the following:

- warning;

- technical defeat in the match/battle;

- reduction of prizes based on the event results for the team;

- disqualification of a player/team/clan;

- removal of a participant from the Discord channel until the event end;

- restrictions on participation in all official events.

16.3    Claims from teams after a meaningful end of a battle are disregarded.

16.4    Decision of a judge is final and is not subject to discussion or appeal.

17. Other

17.1 It is impossible to describe in the regulations all the nuances and controversial situations that may arise during the event. In the event of a situation that is not described in these regulations, the decision is made by the coordinator of the global map - his decision is final and not subject to appeal.

17.2 Event participants are strongly recommended to indicate their game nickname, as well as the clan tag as a nickname in the WoT Console Discord channel. For example, [TRNDO] KeIIenn